Get To Know Us

Ron and Lisa Bailey (a.k.a. Papaw & Gee Gee), married in 1983 and raised four beautiful children, Amanda, Kody, Ben, and Patrick. All grown and with spouses of their own, they have given Papaw and Gee Gee eight grandchildren. They are the joy of our lives. With that, we want to leave a legacy for them all. Through FMB Land & Cattle we are working to build a herd of beautiful Texas Longhorns. Our brand 'FMB' was established to honor our family heritage which has allowed us the privilege to establish a legacy of our own. The Flint's, The Moore's, and The Bailey's have a thumbprint in Bell County going back to the 1800's. We take pride in our heritage and hope to honor those before us.

Our goal is to establish a foundation herd with the genetics, disposition, consistency, and beauty that is appealing to all in the industry. We are continually working towards this goal and hope to attract new members to this amazing industry.